What Taekwondo Did for My Two Girls

By Jamie Goodwin, Publisher of Northland Kansas City Macaroni Kid July 6, 2017

Teaching self-respect, confidence, and self-discipline can be challenging for any parent.  Like most parents, I like to think my two daughters are well-mannered and respectful to others.  However, instilling our personal beliefs and values can be challenging as they are also greatly influenced by other adults, peers, and extra-curricular programs.  

My oldest daughter, now eight, has always been shy and timid around adults.  For example, she would get extremely nervous ordering by herself at a restaurant or answering, while looking in the eye, an adult who was talking to her.

Last summer, I spoke with a fellow mom who recommended Martial Arts, insisting it would help.  Thankfully, I listened!  I researched children's Martial Arts options in the Northland, finding PRIDE Martial Arts in Parkville, MO. 

Having the initial conversation with Melissa Wenenn, owner of PRIDE MA Parkville, I explained that I have two girls with night and day personalities.  My oldest is shy and timid, while my youngest is a fiery red head with a lot of built up energy.  I told her I was in search of a program that would fit both of my girls.  She assured that their kids Taekwando program was just what we were looking for.

I am so proud to report that both of our girls have grown immensely in the past year.  We watched this program embrace their strengths and empower their weaknesses.  Our girls witnessed their own progress by turning in weekly behavior and chore sheets to class.  This allowed them to earn stars towards leadership behavior.  They also earned new belts, excited to reach the next color.  My two girls have gained self-confidence, self-respect, and self-control.  

My eight-year-old now orders by herself at a restaurant, looks an adult in the eyes while having a conversation, and has begged us to continue taking her to Taekwando into her third grade year.  My five-year-old has learned new ways to maintain self-control and grow in her confidence, proud to instill "black belt behavior".

If you are looking for a program to help embrace your values and aide in your parenting, I encourage you to call Melissa and ask her which of her programs would be a great fit for both you and your little one(s)!

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