Northland Parenting Corner

Do it, "All the way, right away, & with a happy heart"!

By Jamie Goodwin, Publisher of Northland Kansas City Macaroni Kid July 6, 2017

They say that all you ever need to know, you learned in kindergarten.  Well, my middle little just finished her kindergarten year and I had to break the unfortunate news to her, "Sorry, you still need to learn more."  Fortunately, she and I both learned something her kindergarten year that has changed the tone for our home.

Her teacher instilled a phrase to her students, "Do it right away, all the way, and with a happy heart!"  When Brinley told me this, something just clicked.  This request was short, concise, and spoke volumes to the children, teaching to their hearts.

So, we decided to begin using this phrase in our home. I noticed when we first incorporated it, we were saying it ALL. OF. THE. TIME. Then, I began changing the statement to a question, "Are you doing what we've asked right away, all the way, and with a happy heart?"  Especially for my oldest one, changing the statement to a question encouraged even a bigger change of attitude.  By asking a question, I went from telling them how to act to helping them learn to evaluate their own behavior. They are learning to take it upon themselves to make the necessary changes to do what they're being asked without the usual resistance. 

Hmm, maybe the old saying is on to something.  If you give try this at home, I would love to hear how it goes!

Happy Parenting!