A Guide to Hosting Holiday House Guests

By Carly Ludbrook December 17, 2021

The Holiday season is upon us! For many families, this time of year also means welcoming guests into our homes. Sometimes for an afternoon, a weekend, or even a few weeks! Preparing for a house guest can be a daunting task, especially if they will be spending the night! 

Here are a few tips on how to make an overnight guest’s stay extra special and how your children can help! 

1. Welcome Artwork – Get your children involved and ask them to draw or color a welcome sign or note! You can hang it on the bedroom door or lay it on the pillow. 

2. Snuggling In – It is fun to ask your children what they think will help your guest have a better night's sleep. Ask them what they can contribute –maybe suggest they share one of their stuffed friends and leave it on the guest bed. Possibly your children sleep with a nightlight and think a nightlight would make their guest sleep better too! Maybe have your children pick out a few of their favorite books and leave a few in the room. 

3. Can I Have a Glass of Water – If your children are anything like mine, when they get into bed they always need a few extra things! Blow in their dreamcatcher, a cup of water, ‘I am hungry’, one more hug! Placing a glass on the side of the bed can help your guest know they are allowed to have drinks in the room and will save them from shuffling around in the dark for the light switch and wondering which cupboard houses the cups if they need a drink! 

4. Personalize the Space – With so many digital pictures flying around the internet and on social media, it can be easy to think that your guest has seen all your latest and greatest pics, but you might be surprised that they haven’t! I like to browse through pics with my children and ask them to pick one or two of their favorite photos since the last time our guest was over. Ideally, the pics they choose will include our guest, if we have one of them together. I then print the pictures and put them into frames and place them on our guest’s dresser or hang them on the wall for the duration of their visit! It adds a little extra touch and lets them know they are an important part of our family! 

5. The Bathroom Scene – Just before the company arrives I like to select a towel and washcloth and place them on the bed. This saves the guest from having to ask me where they are and allows them to shower whenever they are ready! It also ensures they get an adult towel and not a hooded kids' towel because that is all that is clean! 

I hope this holiday season sees your home full of house guests, good meals and lots of laughter!

Carly Ludbrook is a professional from Wilbraham, MA, and mom to 3 boys. She loves to write and share her mom experiences with Macaroni Kid Parents.