Show KC Chiefs Love & Support with Easy Mahomes Craft!

You, too, can be a "Mahomie"! Get ready for Super Bowl LV THIS Sunday, 5:30pm CST.

By Laura Seidel, Publisher of Northland Kansas City Macaroni Kid February 4, 2021

Is your family excited that the Kansas City Chiefs will be making a back-to-back repeat appearance in the Super Bowl this weekend?! Want a Super Bowl-worthy super easy idea for a craft that everyone -- kids and kids-at-heart -- could wear while watching the Big Game on Sunday?! Let your inner Mahomes come out to play while the One and Only Patrick Mahomes and the Super Bowl LIV Champions KC Chiefs play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!!!

Last year when the KC Chiefs went to the Super Bowl, my daughter did this Mahomes hair craft at school, and I thought as a severely craft-challenged mom, "I can do this!" Patrick Mahomes himself recently defined what it means to be a "Mahomie". He said, "You can always be a Mahomie. A Mahomie is just someone that loves to help others and loves to be part of the community and making the world a better place." Let's all be Mahomies especially on Sunday but also every day!

The supplies are pretty simple:

Black construction paper

Brown construction paper

Chiefs sticker OR image printed from the internet OR freehand/traced design (colored markers/pencils/crayons if you need them)


Tape and/or glue (or could even use a stapler)

Toilet or paper towel roll for curling the "hair" OR just use your hands to curve the paper

First, you want to cut a sheet of black construction paper lengthwise and determine the total length you need to wrap around and create a circle according to the size of the wearer's head and then you can attach the end pieces at the desired length with tape, glue, or staples. This will be the hat or headband part of the craft. 

Next, cut a section of the brown construction paper in a half circle that will fit in one end of the headband and then cut thin strips of brown to be Mahomes's hair, and glue (or tape/staple) the bottom of the strips to the rounded side of the brown half circle so that the strips look like hair is in strands coming from the top of the black headband. You'll want Mahomes's hair to be in the style of his curls by using your fingers to curve the top of the brown strips or wrap the strips around the paper roll to help create the curves.

Once you've attached the hair strands to the brown half circle that will serve as the base of the hair, you adhere the straight-sided bottom of the half circle to the top of the black headband where you want the hair to be. I feel like the description of what to do makes it seem harder than it actually is, and the photo of the finished project really helps to understand and figure out the steps involved. 

Finally, take your Chiefs sticker or your printed/colored image and attach it to the headband just below where the hair is. I found sticker options at my local Rally House and Hallmark stores, and I did a quick internet search as well for images that I could print out, cut, and glue to the front of the headband instead.

Voila! You can now put on your Mahomes headband, declare yourself an official "Mahomie," and display your KC Chiefs pride while cheering on our hometown team! GO, CHIEFS!!!