10 Ways to Celebrate Grandparents!

Grandparents Day is THIS Sunday, Sept. 12th.

By Laura Seidel, Publisher of Macaroni Kid Northland Kansas City, MO September 10, 2021

Grandparents: We love them, our kids adore them ... and in turn they offer unconditional love (and — if you're lucky — free babysitting!). Grandparents Day is Sunday, Sept. 12 and there's no better way to show the older people in your life how much you and your kids love and appreciate them than spending the day with them. And for those of you grandparents raising your grandkids full-time? We see and very much appreciate you! 

Lucky enough to have grandparents who live close by? Here are 10 ideas on how to spend Grandparents Day in Kansas City:

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1. Take them out for a special meal.

No matter the cuisine, you're sure to find a Northland restaurant that will appeal to all.

2. Go for a walk in the woods.

If your grandparents love fresh air and hiking in the woods, there might be no simpler way to spend the day! There are some terrific hiking trails in the Northland that are accessible to all, including Parkville Nature Sanctuary and Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary.

3. Plan a picnic.

Surprise Grandma and Grandpa with a picnic! There are so many wonderful parks to choose from in the Northland.

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4. Let your child share one of their favorite places in the Northland.

Does your child have a favorite trampoline park, amusement park, or playground? Grandma and Grandpa might love to come along to take part, or if that's too much, simply watch their grandchildren enjoy themselves! Your children, in turn, will probably love to tour Grandma and Grandpa around their favorite places.

Grandparents live far away? 

Let them know you're thinking of them on Grandparents Day! Here are three ways to tell them you love them from a distance:

Make a video

Kids can list all the things they love about grandma and grandpa.

Send them a hug

Tape together a few pieces of newspaper or use the white side of wrapping paper and outline your child with their arms outstretched. Let your kids color themselves in. Fold it up, put it in an envelope, and send that hug to Grandma and Grandpa!

DIY coasters

Grandparents love personalized gifts, so make them DIY coasters, either with your kids' picture or a drawing they've completed. See how to do it here.

5. Let grandparents share one of their favorite places in the Northland.

Perhaps your grandparents have a favorite spot or activity that you haven't been to before! Let them take you and your kids along to experience what makes it important to them. They'll love introducing you and your kids to their friends and sharing a place that's special.

6. Visit a museum together and/or start a new tradition.

Museums are a great place to spend a day with Grandma and Grandpa, so they could just as easily be fun destinations throughout the year. There's also the Kansas City Renaissance Festival that takes place around this time each year and could become an annual tradition for how to celebrate Grandparents Day as a family -- perhaps everyone gets their own giant turkey leg to mark the occasion!

7. Say hi to the animals in Kansas City. 

Grandparents probably love to see animals as much as their grandkids! There's certainly the Kansas City Zoo and SEA LIFE Aquarium as options to explore but also plenty of local farms.

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8. Plan a photo scavenger hunt

We developed this fun scavenger hunt for teens and tweens but there's no reason why Grandma and Grandpa can't take part too! Make great memories by taking selfies together, recreating a famous Beatles album cover, and just generally spending the day out and about in the Northland being silly together.

9. Go for ice cream

Who doesn't love a sweet treat? There are lots of yummy ice cream places nearby.

10. Plan a photo shoot

Grandparents love family photos (and who doesn't?!?), so arrange a photo shoot with a local photographer on Grandparents Day, or gift them a certificate to use later. We've worked with WonderLight Kansas City in the past, but numerous local photographers specialize in family photos.

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