Celebrate Pi Day with a Local Pie!

Looking to celebrate pi(e) day? Check out these local small businesses and activities!

By Brittany Marsh, Assistant Publisher of Macaroni KID KC March 14, 2023

Is it Pi Day or Pie Day? It's both! 

Read below to find some fun activities and support some local businesses!

Pi (š…) is the mathematical symbol for the number 3.14 infinity in relation to circles. If you take the circumference of a circle (any circle) and divide it by the length of it's perimeter it will ALWAYS equal 3.14, it will always equal 3 of the circle's diameters plus 1/4 of one. Take a look around and see what you can find nearby that is a circles. Clocks, door nobs, tops of screws, etc. - what else can you find?


Sweet Petites KC also has these adorable cookies that would make the perfect pairing for any of your Pi(e) Day activities!

Do you know why it is celebrated on March 14th? Fun fact: March is the 3rd month of the year, and it is intentionally celebrated on the 14th day of the month, creating the date to be 3/14, which is the mathematical number of pi 3.14. Speaking of circles, many people celebrate Pi day by buying a Pie (how funny that both sound the same and that a pie is a circle around us). 

Buy a fresh pie, and make it a math experiment before you dig in. Take the measurement of its diameter and multiply it by 3.14, which will equal its circumference. Circles are hard to measure, but if you are able to - measure its circumference and it should equal the same number. If you've needed an excuse to visit any of these local bakeries, now you have one!

The Upper Crust is a pie bakery in Overland Park, offering a specialized menu for Pi Day. Be sure to check out their website for more details!

Ashleigh's Bake Shop comes highly recommended for her pies and quiche. She's located inside Westport's Pryde's.

  • Located in Kansas City, MO YUM, a Boutique Bakery offers small-batch, from-scratch desserts and custom orders.
  • Heirloom Bakery & Hearth is a little neighborhood bakery creating simple and inviting food, inspired by familiar flavors and what's growing in the garden.
  • Yellow Brick Bakery serves fresh fruit pies (when in season) but is best known for their chocolate-bourbon-pecan pie. The Olathe bakery was previously featured in Feast magazine, and uses hyper-local ingredients.  
  • Visit any of McLain's Bakery locations to get your hands on one of their delicious pies.
  • The Baker's Table is a culinary destination located in Parkville.
  • MudPie Bakery is Kansas City's #1 spot for 100% plant based bakery treats and coffee.
  • Pie Time is located in downtown Liberty.
  • Need a large order? Gold Boy Pies is a regional wholesale bakery that produces quality gourmet items to restaurants and other businesses within select cities.
  • Be sure to also check out Sweet Delicacy Treats.

Maybe pizza pie is more along the lines of what the doctor ordered? If so, make sure to check out Old Shawnee Pizza. This family-owned and operated full-service pizza restaurant that was started in 1969. They now have three locations in the Kansas City area. In addition to traditional pizza, they are known for their famous Crab Rangoon Pizza, their special Keto Pizza, and their addictive salads and pasta. Grab your friends and family and come celebrate Pi Day with some of the tastiest slices in town.

Also be sure to check out this other article, "We Have More Than 3.14 Ideas on How to Celebrate Pi Day", from fellow Macaroni Kid publisher, Michelle Melnik. Special thanks to Rebecca Orlovich, an Illinois Macaroni Kid publisher, for her assist with this article.